This world is totally made in the shake of Money. If you have money than have respect else nobody in the world will respect you. The money is the basic need to live ! Yes, How ? No Money-No Food-No cloths-No health-No respect-No life. If you have Money than you have Respect-Food-Cloths-Good Life style.

Money also have lot of disadvantages, How ?

If you have Money more than you need than you will get the following thing free. Ego-heartless-attitude-No humanity-broken relations, etc.

Note : This is not for every person because all the figures are not equal similarly all the peoples have don’t have the same attitude while having the money.

What is the full of MONEY ?

M– Many died in my sake.
O– Only few will have me.
N– None will be Happy without me.
E– Everyone loves me more than anything.
Y– Yet l am the root of all evils.

All are born poor but if you died poor than its your fault. I have lot of trick to earn Money online by just seating at your home.

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